We're Lampedusa Cruises – a collective with members from Egypt, Eritrea, the Netherlands, Syria and Sudan.

Our mission: to use the traditional Dutch love of sailing as a way to meet others, teach them about how important immigration has been in Amsterdam's past, and integrate ourselves in Dutch culture."Welcome to Lampedusa Cruises.
We organize alternative tours and cruises in and around Amsterdam.

Come sail with us! You're welcome on our Canal Tour, where we'll show you how immigration has shaped our city. Or stop by for some Friday afternoon relaxation – to share a meal, some music, and our stories.

It's totally free to get on board – yes, you read that right! But since we're all volunteers, donations help us keep the boats afloat and the gas tanks full. If you can drop us a few euros at the bottom of our page, it'd really make our day!


Friday Afternoons with Mr. Friday

Join us on a Friday afternoon for a tour with our flagship Alhadj Djumaa ('Mister Friday' in Arabic). Twice a month we sail to the IJ river from our little harbor at Mediamatic (Dijksgracht 6) to eat, drink and meet. Most often we have a storyteller, musician or theater maker among us to complete it. Reservations for a 'Friday afternoon with Mr. Friday' can be made by clicking on the link below. We like to see you on board! Maybe bring some of your favorite snacks and drinks with you.

Canal Tour

i.c.w. ZEP

Every Saturday at 11:00 and 13:30, from the 5th of May onward. We also sail on demand!

Join us for our alternative Canal Tour, in which we will focus on the role migrants have played in the making of Amsterdam. The open and tolerant character of the city have shaped her into the international hotspot it is today. Our guides tell you the hidden history of Amsterdam through the eyes of its immigrants and outsiders, including their personal migration story.

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The ultimate shuttle service for your festival or event

Our most compelling service – transporting people. Departing from Western Europe, destination .... you decide. Mail us at to arrange a shuttle.

Shuttles this Summer

Come sail with us at De Parade in August! The Shuttle tour will bring you to the festival whilst you listen to the story of the guide.

We Are Your Friends

Lampedusa Cruises is on a mission. Our mission is to improve the integration proces and fix the image of newcomers. To continue our mission we seek friends who want to support us. Friends who keep us sailing and in return we will give you our love and devotion.

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"The official name of this Egyptian vessel is 'Alhadj Djumaa'. Alhadj means a wise old man who has been on pilgrimage, and Djumaa means Friday. It departed Egypt on the 25th of July 2013, headed for Lampedusa. It's only about the size of an apartment (12m by 4m), but it carried 282 passengers – 217 Eritreans and 65 Ethiopians. Written on the back: road of safety, way of peace.

The boat was seized the day after departure by the Italian authorities, who later gave it to us.
Nonetheless, we still want to reunite the boat with its original owner. The current crew still searches in their network and on social media for the original passengers and captain, sharing photos of the boat in WhatsApp groups and spreading their message.

In between the oil barrels, life jackets and clothes left behind on board, we found a book of sheet music for guitar. Using this book, 'Method Modern Guitare - Par Joseph Ichkhanian', our resident guitarist will sometimes play a song during a cruise or crossing."


We don´t know much about the history of our smaller boat, except that it was picked up by the Italian coast guard on August 29, 2014, about 18 miles southwest of the Sicilian town of Portopalo. The name of this small boat has yet to be unraveled, however, "Hedir" is written on the side, which means 'thunder' or 'roar' or 'powerful woman' in Arabic. Our only other clue to it's history was a pair of diving goggles which were left on board.

At just 6m long, it's well suited for slipping through the canals and under bridges. Since all new vessels in Amsterdam have to be electric, we refitted this former refugee boat, so now it moves along silently. "


  • Teun

    37 years, Nederland

  • Sami

    24 years, Eritrea

  • Mutayam

    39 years, Syria

  • Rora

    27 years, Eritrea

  • Tommy

    32 years, Egypt

  • Yusuf

    34 years, Sudan

  • Omar

    25 years, Syria

  • Moe

    25 years, Syria

  • Felice

    33 years, Netherlands


For more information please send us an email at
or call Felice on Monday or Friday between 9 and 5 at 0620120897

Home base and harbor:
Dijksgracht 6
1019 BS Amsterdam

Thank you! You are ok! You probably knew that already, but you rock, you really do! Love from the whole crew X